We can build a custom regimen for you focused on your personal situation to safely and quickly put your body on the path to balance and keep you there.

Personal training is the best way to get moving and stay on track. Maybe you have a particular concern to work around or a provision at a certain moment; having a person in your corner can ensure that you get what you need on the day that you need it.

TAB’s expertise comes from years of dance conditioning, body maintenance philosophy and fitness training. We can recommend a path forward that will be safe, effective and most importantly, bring you a sense of having done something well worth your time.

Rhonda is a
√ Fitness Instructor Specialist
√ Personal Trainer Specialist
√ Older Adult Fitness Specialist
√ Pre-Natal Fitness Specialist
√ Post-Natal Fitness Specialist
In August of 2016, a jury at CanFitPro selected Rhonda as one of its 3 finalists for Fitness Professional of the Year.

Getting back into shape after kids wasn’t easy & I couldn’t have done it without Rhonda’s help. My core strength, muscle tone & energy levels have improved so much!

Rhonda doesn’t necessarily tell people what they want to hear. She really believes that a healthy lifestyle is a life-commitment, and that it’s more important to be consistent and methodical about improving physical health then jumping on the trendy-exercise bandwagon and then falling off if it doesn’t work.