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Spring has finally sprung but there is definitely something different in the air. Just to think, a year ago, the only thing we may have been worried about was what to do for March Break. We hope that you and your family are well!

With everyone practicing social distancing, there are still things we can do to remain healthy and engaged with others. TAB stresses fun as the key to a good fitness program, and we have been offering free nightly classes on Facebook Live for anyone who needs to move their body. Good vibes keep you happy and well. I love that this interactive platform helps to keep our clients and non-clients physically engaged and happy. It has been wonderful to see photos of families working out together!

So please join us, and share TAB with your friends!

Dance is a big part of my life, and as you know ,so many studios, productions and artists have lost work and income over this time. When this is over, please support the artists in the community. Also, trainers like myself, yoga instructors and everyone involved in the fitness industry have struggled to make things work because of this pandemic. Support your local studios by taking their classes online or find out who is offering personal sessions. Your support would mean the world to them!

TAB is adapting to the new reality of COVID. Our services, for the time being, will be online! We have been offering free classes to see if they translate well to our new reality. Your encouraging feedback has convinced us to move forward.

Beginning May 5th, we will offer 5 sessions of Empowerment for $50 plus HST. Classes will be offered on Tuesdays at 7:00pm and Wednesdays at noon. Each class will accommodate no less than 4 and no more than 6 attendees.

We are also open to feedback on time of day as well. Just send us an email at, let us know what you are thinking!




Tips for taking an online class with TAB

  1. Use a space that allows you to move freely, preferably with an open wall space you can use if necessary
  2. Prepare dumbbells, weights of different sizes, a mat and water
  3. Use a tripod or high surface that can support your phone or computer. Computers or iPad have larger screens and can make it easier to see your instructor.
  4. Wear clothing that contrasts with your background (it's hard for me to see you if you match your surroundings)
  5. Make sure your device's microphone and speaker are in working order
  6. Download Zoom to your device so you can receive an invite to your session. You will receive an invite to every class when we agree to meet.

When it's safe again, our sessions resume at Swansea School of Dance, located at 356 Windermere Ave, Toronto, ON (side entrance).

Until then, TAB is excited to be holding class online starting May 5th.

I am also interested in who may want to attend a class during the day. Your
is very much appreciated!

We miss you already!

TUESDAY EVENINGS (5 Classes) Only $50 plus HST
May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2

7:00pm ONLINE (Six attendees, max.)

Feel strong, energized and ready to conquer the world.


Strength!, TABB Special, A2, LegXurious, Body Balance

WEDNESDAY @ NOON (5 Classes) Only $50 plus HST
May 6, 13, 20, 27, June 3

12:00pm ONLINE (Six attendees, max.)

Feel strong, energized and ready to conquer the world.


Strength!, TABB Special, A2, LegXurious, Body Balance

There has been some renewed interest in the Tab•O•Lean series.

Are YOU interested?

Let us know!

AB REHAB is now available in semi private sessions.
Contact Rhonda
for detailed information.

This half hour class focuses on all areas of the abdominal area
to improve strength, posture and tone.


If you live with, or know of any young dancers,
I'd like to introduce you to The Leg Up.

This is my new pre-adjudicating coaching program. When we are through this challenging time with Coronavirus, we hope to see the the arts bloom again! Before heading into competition, an audition or dance showcase season, I have always loved giving young dancers the leg up by way of a second opinion and private coaching. Now, you can get a videotaped voice-over critique, written notes and actionable pointers that can help a dancer achieve their goals! For a fresh perspective, set up coaching sessions today.

Find out more at



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